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We created optimum workplace for software development and work -life balance. At Idego your friends will find flexible working hours, no-problem holiday policy, their salaries will be paid immediately and they will have opportunity to work from wherever they want to. They’ll also have access to really comfortable apartaments at the seaside, for leisure retreat or project meetings.

As most software engineers we also cherish autonomy & competence. We want to work without being micromanaged, deliver great solutions and have a power to make decisions about architecture, quality & process. We also want to have time to spend with our families, friends and pursue our totally-not-technology-related dreams.

At Idego - we have that. And your friends will have that too.

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The process is quite obvious. You have a friend, who is a brilliant developer, you get his/her agreement to be reffered to Idego, then send his/resume to us, and, after a successful recruitment and onboarding, you get a bonus. Simple as that.

However it’s good to be aware of the legal details of the process, including timing, form of payment, contracting and some data processing procedures - so please, read the guidelines!

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Job offers

Engineering Big Data

AI and ML Engineer

PLN 25.000 - 30.000 + VAT B2B
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Engineering DevOps

DevSecOps Specialist

PLN 20.000 - 30.000 + VAT B2B
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Engineering Big Data

Data: future opportunities at Idego!

PLN 18.000 - 25.000 + VAT B2B
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