Terms and conditions of the program “Refer a programmer to Idego”

"Refer a programmer to Idego"Last updated: 28.07.2021

I. Subject matter of the programme

1. The "Recommend a programmer to Idego" programme consists in sending to Idego the CV of the recommended person, who is a potential candidate for cooperation with Idego according to the rules specified in these Terms and Conditions, with his/her consent. If the cooperation or employment of the recommended person is established and he/she works for an uninterrupted period of at least 3 months, the referring person will receive a bonus:

  1. PLN 5,000* for establishing cooperation or employing a recommended person with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 years of professional experience required for the position in question,
  2. PLN 10 000* for establishing cooperation or employing a recommended person with 4 to 6 years of professional experience required for the position in question,
  3. PLN 15,000* for establishing cooperation or employing a recommended person with more than 6 years of professional experience required for the position in question.

The above-mentioned bonuses are subject to all legally required withholding on account of applicable taxes and, to the extent of being subject to social security contributions - to appropriate payment of social security contributions.

2. The amount of the bonus to be awarded is determined by IDEGO on the basis of the referral's verified experience as of the date his/her CV is submitted to Idego under this program.

3. If the CV of the same person is submitted by different referees, the bonus will be awarded to the person who referred the candidate first.

4. In case the referred person is already registered in Idego's candidate database, from the recommendation source, the bonus is due only in the following cases:

  1. if a period of 12 months has passed since the date of registration in the database (this is connected with the period of validity of the recommendation specified in item I. I. 7 of these regulations); or
  2. where a new recommendation from the same person in the database concerns a different position to be recruited; or
  3. when a new recommendation of the same person for the same position involves IDEGO obtaining new, previously unknown relevant information, such as, for example, a change in professional experience, additional technological skills, certifications, readiness to change jobs, and other useful information that may influence IDEGO's decision to work with the person recommended again.

5. The bonus may be increased as required by IDEGO through an additional announcement - for a specific period of time and in relation to the candidate profiles being sought, subject to the following provisos:

  1. each time an announcement of the increased bonus, duration and profile wanted will be posted on the main Slack channel #idego and on the website idego-group.com......
  2. the condition for granting the increased referral bonus is sending the candidate's CV by e-mail to hr@idego.io by the deadline indicated in the announcement and meeting any other conditions specified in the announcement.

6. The referral bonus will be granted to any person who meets the criteria set out in points I - Subject matter of the Programme and IV - Rules of participation in the Programme.

7. The referral takes part in the bonus program within 12 months from the date of its submission and registration of the CV in the Idego candidate database. After this period, in case of cooperation or employment of the referred person the referral bonus will not be granted. The Organizer reserves the right to award the bonus in the above mentioned case, about which they will directly inform the person who referred the candidate.

8. The bonus shall be paid in accordance with the conditions set out in Section V of these Terms and Conditions.

9. In the event of any disputes or a situation in which one or more persons may be entitled to receive the bonus, the final decision on its award, amount and settlement of the dispute rests with the Organiser.II. Duration of the Programme

1. The programme is valid from 20 April 2021 and is not limited in time.

2. The programme Organiser may decide to change or terminate the programme at any time.III. Participants of the programme

1. Any natural person who is a tax resident of Poland and is not required to obtain a work permit in Poland, a legal person or an entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship, who in response to a job offer placed on recruitment portals and Idego website will recommend a referral to Idego, subject to paragraph 2, can become a participant of the programme.

2. The programme excludes economic entities whose activity is based on any kind of job placement (e.g. agencies).

3. The referee can take part in the programme, regardless of whether they have previously participated in the recruitment process for Idego.

4. Taking part in the programme implies acceptance of these rules, which set out the principles of the programme.IV. Rules for participation in the programme

1. In order to take part in the programme, the required documents of the recommended person should be sent by e-mail to hr@idego.io . The e-mail should be accompanied by the candidate's CV in order to send the recommendation and his/her consent to the processing of his/her data in the recruitment process in accordance with the template attached as Appendix 1 to these Terms and Conditions.

2. The person who has been recommended to the programme must be informed of this fact by the referee. The referee must obtain the referral's permission to send his/her CV to Idego and attach it to the recommendation in accordance with paragraph 1. In the event that the referral does not know that his/her CV has been sent by third parties, the recommendation bonus will not be granted.

3. One participant can refer any number of people.

4. Referral of a friend must correspond with currently open recruitments, listed on the website https://idego-group.com/careers. Otherwise, the Organiser reserves the right not to recognize the recommendation and not to pay the referral bonus.

5. Within 10 working days after receiving the referral's recommendation, Idego employee will verify the referral's status in the Idego database and contact the candidate to confirm the recommendation in terms of education and work experience and any other necessary information for recruitment purposes, as long as the data presented in the CV matches the requirements of the job advertisement.V. Payment of the bonus

1. The bonus will be paid out in two parts:

  1. The first half of the bonus after the first month of the referred person's work.
  2. The second half of the bonus after the third month of continuous work of this person, only if the referred person continues to work at Idego, no later than the 15th day of the calendar month following the 3rd month of work of the person.

2. The payment of the bonus for the recommendation is conditional upon the fulfillment of the conditions stated in the Terms and Conditions and the provision of the necessary information (name, bank account number) as well as the fulfillment of other legal obligations (e.g. issuing a VAT invoice) within 14 days after receiving the decision to pay out the bonus. Persons employed / cooperating with IDEGO, are exempt from the obligation to provide the information, if IDEGO already has this information.

3. The decision to pay the bonus to the program participant will be communicated by an Idego employee, who will contact the referee via e-mail or telephone.

4. In case of persons who are not employees or collaborators of IDEGO, the bonus will be paid on the basis of a contract of mandate, concluded between the referee and IDEGO, which is attached as Appendix 2 to these Terms and Conditions. The contract of mandate will be drawn up and signed after the cooperation or employment of the person recommended by the participant in the programme (if there is a basis for the payment of the first bonus under the rules), meeting the criteria stated in point I - Subject matter of the programme and point IV - Rules of participation in the programme.

5. The participant of the program, who is not an employee or collaborator of IDEGO, is obliged to send the data necessary for preparation and conclusion of the contract of mandate to the HR department of Idego at hr@idego.io within 14 days from the moment of receiving the decision about awarding the bonus, according to the provisions of paragraph 2. After this time the Organiser has the right not to pay the bonus.

6. After the signing of the contract of mandate by both parties and meeting the conditions for bonus payout specified in these regulations, the funds will be transferred to the program participant's account by the 14th day of the following month.VI. Organisation of the Programme "Refer a friend to Idego"

1. The programme is organised by Idego Group Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, 81-451 Gdynia.

2. The Organiser undertakes to supervise the running of the programme and to ensure that its rules are observed. The Organiser is also responsible for keeping records of the programme, implementing its provisions and appropriate financial settlement of the programme.

3. All matters related to the processing of personal data are contained in the Privacy Policy are available at https://idego-group.com/ (the document can be found at https://idego-group.com/privacy-policy/).

4. The Organiser has the right to change the rules of the program regarding its duration, method of bonus payment and any other issues related to its operation.

5. In the case of unregulated or disputed issues, the Organiser has the right to decide and settle the matter.ANNEX 1

Consent to participate in the "Refer a programmer to Idego" programme
I consent to the forwarding of my CV in connection with my participation in the "Refer a programmer to IDEGO" programme and to the processing of my personal data for the purposes necessary for the recruitment process (Article 6(1)(1) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04.2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC - OJ. EU. L.2016.119.1 of 2016.05.04)

1* the amount indicated, depending on the type of agreement between IDEGO and the referee, is understood as:
1. cooperation agreement - net amount, invoiced in the course of business;
2. employment contract - gross amount, paid as a discretionary bonus;
3. an external person, i.e. a natural person or an entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship, the net amount based on a contract of mandate signed with IDEGO or the net amount invoiced within the scope of the running business activity.